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It's been a *really* long time since I've posted anything on here and before I did I thought I'd put feelers out to see if anyone was even paying attention.

So, if you are interested in an update from me, comment!


Okay, so if you haven't seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog, then stop what you are doing and watch it. It factors into most of this post.

I was listening to the soundtrack tonight, as I do frequently lately, and I started wondering why I like it so much.  Or most of Joss Whedon's stuff, for that matter. (I can't say "all" anymore, not feeling Dollhouse just yet.  That may change. Buffy wasn't so hot it's first season.) I realized it's because his stuff is rife with characters battling with ambiguity in their lives, particularly morally.

Angel - vampire with a soul. He's a good guy... sort of.  He's also a vampire, which makes him a bloodsucking fiend. And geez, the whole final season was one huge moral ambiguity.

Dr Horrible - Evil Genius that simply wants to change the world and isn't keen on the idea of murdering to accomplish the goal. He wants to see change in the world and the only way he can see that happening is if he rules it. And he passionately loves a girl who also wants to make the world better, she's just doing it the way that is morally acceptable.

The question of ends justifying the means comes up when I discuss Watchmen with (intelligent) people that have seen/read it. I love the discussion and I usually take the side of the justification, mostly because it really gets people's hackles up. But it's also just a discussion that I can't seem to resolve in my mind.  I prefer to actually err on the side of ends not justifying the means, but there are times when I still wonder. If Dr Horrible really did rule the world and in the end the "symptom" of homelessness was solved, would that be a bad thing?

Loss of freedom in exchange for near utopia? But in the end, how much freedom do we really have that we'd lose under a supreme dictator?

Okay, I've thrown out some purposely vague points.  Discuss!!

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated...

...though the rumors of my internet connection's demise aren't.  

Let's see how well I can update on my life without posting an entire book. 

Since I last posted... I have moved out of my parents' house and into my own apartment.  It's a little 2 bedroom, so the kids have to share a room, but it's cozy and no one has really complained yet.  Cable, phone, etc is much too much expensive so my only connection to the outside world is my cell phone and what  time I can squeeze in at work. (Like now while I should probably be doing other things but have opted to enjoy the last day before the 4th in relative ease and tranquility.)

I lost my job with ACS back in January. My boss and I just butted heads one too many times and she decided not to renew my contract with them. All the better for me, because it led to my getting my current job. I am working for a foreclosure law firm as a Lobby Ambassador (okay, so my real title is Receptionist, but we do so much more than just sit and answer phones that I refuse to accept that title.) If you keep up with real estate events, you'd probably know that Florida is one of the biggest states for foreclosures and I work for one of the largest firms in the state. It's not a pleasant business, but the owner of the company is very committed to his employees so he does what he can to make our working environment as pleasant as is possible.  It's a great job.

My social life is fairly simple, though leaps and bounds beyond what it was a year ago. I have two really close friends, Ryan and Sarah, who keep me sane and occasionally actually drive me to insanity, but then drag me back again.  We spend a lot of time together, which is exactly what I needed.  No "men" on the social front, but that's not a bad thing. (Have to put men in quotes because while Ryan is very much a man, he doesn't count towards that particular scenario :D ) 

I'm amazed that it is already July.  I'm three short months away from being relatively on my own for a year. I look back at where I was in September of last year and realize that while things are far from perfect, they are so much better than I could have imagined. I don't see unadulterated happiness on a regular basis, but I'm not miserable like I was before. I'm finding a really good balance in my head, and working my way to being the woman I was meant to be and that's a good good thing.


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Okay, so it's been way the heck too long since I updated.

I got a small package in the mail yesterday (thanks Melissa!!) and it reminded me that I haven't done any updating in quite a long time.  So here I am.

Some basics:

Still living with my parents.  There is nothing quite being a 31 year old trying to live with her parents.  I am actively seeking another residence.  I love my parents.  I want to continue to love my parents... so I'm trying to move out of their house.

I'm currently working for American Cancer Society.  That requires two things... first that I have much patience because my boss requires a lot of it.  And secondly that I not smoke.  Do you know how hard it is to have one without the other?  Yeah.  Working for ACS may be healthier for my body, but my mind, she may explode.

I got a car.  It's a '07 Nissan Versa.  Yatta!

Here is a picture of me (taken tonight):

As you can see, my hair has grown in rather nicely.  I'm pleased.

All in all life sucks, but it's on an upswing.

Hello to all my fans!

I am not dead.  I HAVE been living basically in my bed and hadn't felt much like blogging, or reading blogs, but I got a nudge so I figured I'd stop in.

I decided to do something fun.  I posted weight and measurements on April 19, 2007, so I'm gonna repost those figures and then put my current figures next to it.  So exciting!

My Weight Results!

 April 19 Results                          September 13 Results

Neck measurements:                                                 14.0"                                                      13.75"

Chest Measurements:                                                42.5"                                                      41.5"

Arm Measurements:                                                   15.75"                                                    14.5"

Stomach Measurements:                                          39.25"                                                    37.75"

Hip Measurements:                                                    43.75"                                                     41"

Thigh Measurements:                                                25.5"                                                      23.25"

      Weight:                                                                   198.0 lbs.                                                173.3 lbs. 


Nothing much to report.  I moved my computer to my bedroom today, so perhaps I'll post more now that I can do it lying down.  We'll see...

I'm alive, barely.  I'm currently under the care of a pain management clinic who has me on a new cocktail of meds (I kid you not, 6 prescriptions and one over the counter).   I've been seeing a psychologist and am moving on to a psychiatrist because apparently I'm clinically depressed. (They want me on meds, so that'll make a seventh prescription to add to the mix.)   My life essentially feels like it's coming apart at the seams, and some days that makes me feel awful and some days it gives me hope that what I'll find underneath is better. 

I have steroid injections on the 25th and then another procedure to attempt to shrink the disk on September 13th.  We'll see how it goes.


I like this one. A lot.

On Wikipedia, enter your birth month and day only, and it gives you lists of important things that day signifies. Find three events in history, two birthdays, and one holiday celebrated on your birthday.

My birthday being August 24, surprisingly it's a tremendously interesting date. Was hard to pare down the events to three.

79 - Mount Vesuvius erupts. The cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae are buried in volcanic ash.
1853 - Potato chips are first prepared.
1891 - Thomas Edison patents the motion picture camera.

Birthdays.  SO awesome to discover you share something in common with one of your favorite authors. :D

1929 - Yasser Arafat, Palestinian leader (d. 2004)
1951 - Orson Scott Card, American writer

Holidays.  There are a handful, but I like the celebration of freedoms, so that's why I picked it. :D

Ukraine: National Holiday, independence from the Soviet Union (1991).

A call for brutal honesty

Recently I was presented a concept that somewhat confused me.   And let me preface this by saying that I have the worst self view of myself ever. But I know enough to know that oftentimes our own self views are much worse than what other people see, so I've always clung to the idea that I am prettier than I appear to be in the mirror.

I was told, though, that I am a very attractive person, because my "wonderful personality" shines through an otherwise unattractive person.  I was also told that this information had been confirmed to the teller by other people.

So here is where the brutal honesty comes in.  Because I really need to understand the comment in order to know fully how to proceed in my dealings with said person.

If you have only seen pictures of me, much as I value all of my loving readers' opinions, your opinion can't help here.  (I was also told that some of the pictures I have posted are "the absolute best" I've ever looked and therefore they don't count towards the view of my general appearance.) I need honesty from people who have actually seen me.  I'm torn on those of you who have seen the Help Me Veronica videos.  I think having my head buzzed wouldn't qualify as one of my best physical appearance moments,'s still possible to say that I only allowed the best part to be shown.  (It's not true, but it's still an argument that could be made.) 

So please.  If you have met me, give me your unfettered opinions. If you have only seen the Help Me Veronica videos, then give me your opinion, but please note that's the only way you've seen me.  And please feel free to post anonymously.  I want real opinions and I want all of them, and if you are afraid you will hurt my feelings, then I'd rather you be comfortable in me not knowing who you are than to not get the opinion.

Oh and Steve, your opinion doesn't weigh heavily, you are MUCH too biased here. :D
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